You’re Welcome Target

1992-1993. I don’t remember exactly when this was but I was able to narrow it down by looking up when the video game Ecco came out for Sega, let me explain.

It must have been fall because I do remember wearing one of my stylish wind breakers that most likely fit a little on the tight side. I probably had a mouth scattered with teeth and one giant buck tooth right up front. Do I need to remind what I was like as a child? Chubby, freckles, awkward, giant… there, you remember now.

I went with my mom on a trip to Target (which I always loved because it meant either a treat or a video game… sometimes both). When I got into Target I would (still do) *hustle to the electronics section to look for games that I needed and to play the demo games on either the Sega or the Super Nintendo, depending on if there was another kid that beat me to it.

*hustle = slowly walk/jog with my gut jiggling trying not to trip over my over-sized feet that were most likely donning a sweet pair of LA Lights (why wouldn’t I want to draw more attention to myself?) Continue reading