Lucky 13

Today is my 28th birthday or at least that is what Facebook tells me. I don’t feel older. But I do feel like I have had a real good 28 years. 13 of which I have had the privilege of living next to my best friend.

13 years ago today I asked my wife to “go out with me” in the halls of Franklin Junior High School and the rest, as they say, is history. A lot of people consider thirteen to be unlucky, but today it seems like an extremely lucky number for me.

So, with that, I will cover 13 random thoughts on our relationship.

13. Fighting is good. my wife and I know how to fight, but we are better for it. We learn from every fight, it opens up communication. Show me a couple that “never fights” and I will show you an unhappy couple that will probably not make it.

12. My wife pulls my pants down, a lot. Now, I don’t mean this in the sexual sense… I mean she pulls my pants down like a childhood bully every chance she gets. Usually it is when she is walking behind me up stairs. This is starting to cause psychological trauma that makes it very hard to walk up stairs with someone behind me.

11. I scare my wife every chance I get. Seriously, if there is an opportunity to jump out and scare her, I do it. She screams like a crazy person every time. The best is when she cries… I wonder what our neighbors think? Continue reading