Niagara Falls Diplomat

Hi. How about a break from politics? I debated writing about the financial cliff, Iran or what America has to look forward to in the next four years… but I settled on this story instead.

July 2010. My wife and I decided that on our annual summer trip to northern New York and the St. Lawrence River that we would stop for a night in Niagara Falls.

We drive every year. Why? Well because it saves a little money and we like to fight. I am kidding of course, it is usually 90% awesome and 10% World War III.

We packed up and left Minnesota around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The trip from Maple Grove, MN to Niagara Falls takes about 13-14 hours and we decided to drive straight through the night. I had put my wife in charge of booking our lodging accommodations while we were in Niagara Falls. She settled on The Diplomat Inn. Continue reading