On a Futon… Three’s a Crowd

I am a little fuzzy on when exactly this took place. Mostly because I was extremely inebriated and most of the night is like a fuzzy dream (This usually means that I had an awesome night).

I can narrow it down to sometime in 2008, fall I think.

My brother-in-law was living near the University of Minnesota, just outside of Dinkytown, in an apartment on 15th & Como. My wife and I were in the area (at a bar of course) so we decided that we would head over for a little college fun.

I tend to over indulge when I am excited about a party which leads me to often conclude my night earlier than I would like. And when I walked into that apartment on the basement floor I got very excited. This was a college apartment on steroids that made me yearn for the days of going to school. Continue reading