Kirby and The Giant

I am a sucker. Now, I am trusting you not to use this to your advantage as one of my faithful readers, but I cannot say no. Obviously this is hyperbole but, know that if I have ever said no to you about anything at all, it has taken an extreme amount of courage on my part. I get extremely anxious at the thought of disappointing someone, anyone, even complete strangers.

This is exactly why I don’t answer my door if I am not expecting company (the pizza delivery guy).

Usually if there is a knock at my door, which is extremely rare, it is when I am home for lunch. When I hear an unexpected knock, I freeze… literally. I will stop all motion for at least 1 minute. Why? Because if I go and answer the door, I will end up getting into a half an hour conversation about accepting Jesus in my life, all the while thinking, if you only knew me, you wouldn’t be wasting your time because I am heading straight to hell… Continue reading