Good-bye American Idol

Goodnight sweet prince, it’s been fun.

American Idol announced that after this weeks finale it will run one more season. And, the fact that they decided to announce when they did is just another indication of how lazy Fox got with a show that people used to love (I still do, I can’t help it).

It has been evident all season that this was coming as Ryan Seacrest has continuously been cracking jokes about the shows poor ratings. And, in my opinion they really blew it. This announcement should have been made a year ago so the show could get a proper send off and, in all probability, revitalized the fan base for one last run.

Instead, they changed the voting and made it far to confusing. The judges do everything but judge. Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban do nothing but praise vocal performance while giving confusing advice that makes no sense. Honestly, Keith Urban’s go to critique is wiggle more and “loosen up”, while Harry Connick Jr. gives over technical music advice with a level of condescension that leaves the impression that he believes the audience is beyond illiterate musically. And, we get it, you’re from New Orleans and we care less about that then we do about the show ending.

I should have stopped watching when Simon Cowell left; as he is what made the show great (him and his deep V-necks). The best musical talent that has come from that show performed in front of him and I do not think that is a coincidence. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help myself. Every year my wife and I would still get excited for the auditions and even did our own fantasy American Idol draft for the last 3 seasons (I am a real man’s man).

All things (good and bad) come to an end, of course.

I can remember watching the first season in my parent’s basement with my girlfriend (now wife) in our first year of dating. I successfully predicted that Kelly Clarkson would win immediately following her audition. Ever since, the show has sparked many arguments in our relationship about what a good singer actually is. Turns out that despite being an amazing singer, my wife has no clue how to identify one.

I’d like to say that I will try The Voice but I have no interest in watching Blake Shelton do anything. I mean, honestly,

Unfortunately, this will end the era of singing competitions in our house. I will miss the auditions, the performances and the suspense. But, most of all, I will miss debating who is good and who is bad with my wife week in and week out.

Guess we will just have to get drunk on Wednesdays and argue about something else. Oh well.

At least we all got to experience William Hung.