I Know Badeaux: A podcast review

With all of the podcasts that are out there today, it is hard to decide which do give your valuable time to. Look no further than the iKnowBadeaux podcast.

It is a refreshing change of pace from the normal standard interview style of entertainment. Dave Badeaux has created a podcast that brings you into an hour of normal people hanging out for an hour – playing a game and talking about the week’s most interesting(?) news stories. The banter that happens between the frequent podcasters (Dave Badeaux, Gabe Johnson, Keith Larson and Scott Badeaux aka Boutros Boutros) makes them immediately relate-able.

Dave Badeaux makes a terrific host. His self-deprecating style of humor mixed with his genuine interest in his fellow podcasters and guests make the iKnowBadeaux podcast an easy, hilarious listen. And, even when Badeaux’s attempts at humor fail miserably (I mean, really fail. Sometimes it’s like did he really think that was going to be funny? Man, what an idiot), his fellow podcasters pick up the slack without missing a beat. You will not regret giving this a shot. Continue reading