College Move-In Day

Move-In Day.

The most stressful and lonely day of my life.

As I understand it, things have changed significantly in the twelve years since I started college. Technology has improved the ability to select a roommate that matches your own personality. And, it is just easier to reach out to people in general.

Other than a couple of brief phone calls, I knew nothing about my roommates. The two guys that I would be rooming with, were friends who went to high school together. They were both Sophomores.

As usual, I had managed to screw up my application process and left to the admissions gods to select the dorm that I would be placed in… I got the worst one. Not because my roommates were bad guys, quite the opposite actually. They just weren’t Freshmen. They knew the campus, they knew people at school, they were veterans.

I knew no one. That was kind of what I wanted. I had no anxiety, or at least no memory of anxiety, regarding what college was going to be like. I assumed it was going to be amazing and that I would adjust perfectly. Continue reading