On a Futon… Three’s a Crowd

I am a little fuzzy on when exactly this took place. Mostly because I was extremely inebriated and most of the night is like a fuzzy dream (This usually means that I had an awesome night).

I can narrow it down to sometime in 2008, fall I think.

My brother-in-law was living near the University of Minnesota, just outside of Dinkytown, in an apartment on 15th & Como. My wife and I were in the area (at a bar of course) so we decided that we would head over for a little college fun.

I tend to over indulge when I am excited about a party which leads me to often conclude my night earlier than I would like. And when I walked into that apartment on the basement floor I got very excited. This was a college apartment on steroids that made me yearn for the days of going to school. Continue reading

What’s in the box?

This is a story by request. So, before I get started I wanted to let you know that if you remember something particularly embarrassing that I may have buried somewhere deep in my subconscious, you can remind me and I will most likely post it for others enjoyment…. maybe.

December 2007. A stressful month for me. I had finals for my second to last semester of college, Christmas was coming and this was the month that I going to propose to my wife. But, something else happened this month that would change my life forever (ooh, now I have your attention). Continue reading

Social Media As I See It

It is amazing the different uses of social media and the wide variety of information people are willing to share with friends, family, acquaintances and complete strangers. It is something that I have been paying more attention to for the past couple of months as we have gone through the election season, through hurricane Sandy, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, gun control policy and now the Manti Te’o situation. On top of all these story lines in our country today, people have all sorts of things going on in their personal lives ranging from the wonderful events life brings (weddings, babies, etc.) and the gut punches life tends to deal (break ups, illness, family feuds, etc).

Why do people choose to share what they do? What drives them to comment on sensitive issues with extreme bias? How do they allow themselves to fall in love with perfect strangers? Why do they share personal information know that most people will glance at it for less than a second and never think about it again? Continue reading