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My Confession

The Talk


An Open Letter to My Son

Seventeen Years

What’s In A Nickname?

First Moments as a Father

Movie Review: Joy

No You’re Not

Happy New Years?

Do You Believe?

Movie Review: Spotlight

Movie Review for iKnowBadeaux

Huddled Masses

My Lie

Drinking for the USA

My Heart Attack

Podcast Review: Box Angeles

iKnowBadeaux Episode 62: Papa Schlumpf

Movie Review: Inside Out

The Seven-Year Itch

My First Baseball Season: A Story of Embarrassment

Bee is for Baby

Movie Review: Jurrasic World

iKnowBadeaux Episode 62: Balk of a Deal!

Is Tiger Done?

Don’t Play With Fire

Pretty Damn Cool: Drunken Interactions With Police

Minor Consumption

Amsterdam Coffee

AP Back with the Vikings: A Fan’s Reaction

College Move-In Day

Chemistry Lab Embarrassment

Rollerblading in College

Friendship vs. Time: The Never Ending Battle

Drinking Is For The Birds

Why Am I So Awkward?

I Know Badeaux: A podcast review

Wear Sunscreen

Good-bye American Idol

Severson’s Law

Baltimore #alllivesmatter

15 Years

Should You Spank? Of Course Not.


Kirby and The Giant

On a Futon… Three’s a Crowd

What’s in the box?

Social Media As I See It

Niagra Falls Diplomat

Lucky 13

You’re Welcome Target

Why I Go(pher)

Bathroom Breaks Are Important

11/23/63 – A Book Review (Recommendation)

Nobody Cares

Sink or Swim

Skiiing Hide and Seek

An Abnormal Chain of Fools

The Offer

Glad I Saw Her

First Sight

A Deal is a Deal

The Cane

My Dark Period

The Bad Dream


Baby Boy

Punch Drunk

Ice Cold




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