Is Tiger Done?

Is Tiger Woods done winning majors?

On a day after he posted an 80 on the first day of the US Open (a score I would frame on my wall) the easy answer is yes. But, that is not the correct answer.

The odds are that he will not chase down Nicklaus for all time major championship victories. But, he is not done yet.

There are a lot of kinks that he needs to work out. Mostly from the tee. Yesterday he looked like an amateur trying to battle the tough Chambers Bay golf course. He battled all day, but he could not slow down his hips forcing him to try to cut the ball on every hole. He missed everything right and gave himself little to no opportunity to score on a very difficult links style course.

Even when he did give himself a chance, his putting was beyond terrible. There was no confidence in his stroke yesterday. He decelerated on putts that he would normally slam into the back of the jar.

Yesterday was a train wreck that I could not look away from. I found it almost as entertaining as him shooting a 63. We are truly seeing the lowest of the lows for one of the greatest athletes of all time.

I will not give up faith however.

This is the man that made me fall in love with playing and watching golf. I refuse to give up on him.

He has a lot of amazing golf swings left to show us and as much as people hate to admit it, golf needs him to have one last push. Because while there are so many Phil Mickelson fans out there, they know that he cannot excite a crowd the way that Tiger can.

Golf needs one more push from Tiger so Jordan Spieth can gain popularity and truly become the next big name in golf.

There are still flashes of that greatness and he is a couple of good rounds away from gaining the confidence necessary to do what Tiger Woods does.

We have not seen the last of Tiger… keep watching.



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