The Beginning, A Very Good Place to Start

It has recently occurred to me that if I am going to be that happiest person that I can be that I must do what makes me most happy. I know, I know, what a revelation! But, honestly, I have been nervous to start writing anything because like so many humans I am self-conscious and constantly worried about what other people may say or think (see: narcissistic). Well, I guess this blog means that I am starting to care a little less (as my chest tightens in that familiar way when I step outside my comfort zone).

My goal here is to write, no more and no less. For what ever the reason, things seem to happen to me that people find entertaining… maybe you will, maybe you won’t. I guess this will be a mix of personal stories, social commentaries and some fictional shorts (you know, a blog) as I try to figure out how to accomplish my ultimate goal of writing a book.

If you are interested, feel free to follow along, comment, critique,or complain about what I write. Or, don’t and I will just be writing for my mom and my wife.

My goal is to write daily. If you are a fan of self-deprecating humor and people who don’t take themselves to seriously, come back and check it out. At the very least it will give you something new to make fun of me for.



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