Movie Review: Inside Out

There you are… standing awkwardly in front of the ticket booth at the movie theater trying to decide what to see. What is the most bang for your buck?

Well, Jurassic World if you haven’t seen that yet (in which case you are a little late to the party).

Do not hesitate, walk to the counter and buy a ticket to Inside Out.

Pixar does it again.

From start to finish this movie is amazing and just as entertaining for 30 year old men as it is for children.

First, the movie leads off with an amazing 5 minute short (with the most catchy song of all time). Only Pixar could create a strong emotional connection to a volcano in 30 seconds and have you on the verge of tears.



Once you dry your eyes, the main attraction starts and Pixar delivers a perfectly crafted story with great depth.

The majority of the movie takes place in the head of the protagonist Riley (Kaitlyn Dias) with her five emotions playing the lead characters: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust.

The movie takes an amazingly simplistic look into how memories and associations are formed based on our core emotions.

The movie follows Riley through her move from Minnesota to San Fransisco and how she deals with a new home, school, friends and culture. A very difficult thing for an 11 year-old to deal with.

All of the voice acting is perfectly cast. Amy Poehler as Joy is enough to keep you entertained but Sadness (Phyllis Smith) and Anger (Lewis Black) steal the show. All of the emotions attempt to work together to achieve some sort of harmony for Riley but, have trouble when they are unable to act outside of the emotion that they are.

The simplicity of how the story shows the brain as a working machine is delightful. Memories are sorted as little orbs that create associations when touched by the core emotions in headquarters. The are then sent to be filed away with millions of other memories.

Pixar delivers humor and emotion in the way that only they can with their amazing story telling that allows people of all ages to enjoy. It is definitely a must see that is sure to collect some hardware come awards season.

I will give this one 4/4 Pixar Lamps. A definite must see.


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