iKnowBadeaux Episode 62: Papa Schlumpf

iKnowBadeaux is back with another hilarious episode.

I promise it gets better if you just power through the 4 of them nerding out on video games for 5 minutes…

Also, I am reviewing movies for the site you can find them here or on the iKnowBadeaux blog.

Listen to them try to figure out which actors are alive or dead. Scotty brings international news to the show. And, they all make fun of Dave every time he misspeaks.

Listen in your car, at the gym or on the toilet!


Hello and Congratulations from The Minnesota Sweat Lodge! This week on the show we bring back the one and only Rufio himself Mr. Angelo Polcaro! Rufio joins the cast for the first time in his new role as official podcast videogame reviewer and just in time to talk briefly about the events of last week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). As you can imagine this week gets a bit nerdy as the Brothers Badeaux get swept away in the videogame talk while the Councilman Gabe Johnson pretends to give “ah” single sh!t about the whole ordeal. Hang out with the crew as they play a Jurassic Park themed version of the game Dead or Alive, and talk about German police humor and the wonders of riding on a Russian Mini Bus in the weekly edition of Don’t tell Scotty he does the news. Don’t forget to share us with your friends and family, and to follow us on youtube, facebook, and twitter. As always, thank you for listening!


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