Podcast Review: Box Angeles

So you want to make it in Los Angeles?

It’s no secret that it isn’t as easy as just moving there. But, what are the secrets to actually making it?

That is exactly what the Box Angeles podcast works to reveal.

Since the podcast started in 2013, Mike “Box” Elder has honed his skills to create interesting and compelling interviews week in and week out. Guests range from familiar faces, like: Thomas Middleditch, Milana Vayntrub, Seth Morris, Matt Besser, and Samm Levine, to various up and comers like: Justin Michael Terry, Francisco Ramos, and Davina Leone.

Elder’s witty banter and mid-western charm facilitates genuine responses from his guests each episode. The result is interesting stories about the events and decisions that have led his guests to where they are today. With an endless stream of probing questions, Elder is able to get a refreshing level of honesty from his guests.

With the injection of his rants, one liners, and infectious laughter, Elder delivers an entertaining podcast every time.

The key? He is humble.

The podcast isn’t about him. It is about his guest and his listeners. Elder understands that every guest has a unique story to tell and that it is his job to bring that to his listeners in an entertaining fashion. Every episode feels like you are just hanging out with Elder and the guest du jour in his Hollywood apartment. It is a great change of pace from podcasts with a similar format that occasionally seem to try too hard.

You are guaranteed to laugh every episode and end them wanting more.

Make sure you add this one to your podcast rotation, you will not regret it.

Click below to listen to the most recent episode. Subscribe on iTunes and/or Soundcloud and subscribe to the Box Angeles YouTube feed.


Oh, episode eighty-five thinks that it found itself a cheerleader! On the eighty-fifth Box Angeles actor / improviser Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley, The Wolf of Wall Street) stops by Studio 309. He discusses being bullied in grade school before “figuring it out”, why Chicago is a great training ground for actors, odd jobs like selling shows & walking dogs, how numerous random events have led to his success, and more!



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