Yes or No?

Alright, I know that this topic is polarizing and that there are people who are steadfast in their beliefs. I dislike people pushing their political agenda on social media, so this is very hypocritical and I understand that. I am not posting this to sway belief (but if it does, well, ok) but rather just share some perspective.

With the election quickly approaching, I have read so many status updates, tweets and articles regarding the marriage amendment in Minnesota. Rather than joining in on endless comment streams, I thought I would express my thoughts here. Feel free to comment, get angry or do whatever makes you happy… There are just a couple of things that I find interesting and I haven’t written about anything for a while (this post will have nothing to do with pissing my pants, you can read back for those).

I am failing to see the logic in voting yes. The amendment asks –

“Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?”

Why would one care if two men or women want to legally share a lifetime (or less) of happiness with each other? How does it affect anyone else’s life?

Every argument that I have seen for voting yes quotes the Bible (a book that is thousands of years old) and that is perfectly fine. I grew up Catholic and I understand. However, this amendment does not force a church, priest, pastor, rabbi or anyone else to perform or bless a marriage between two men or women… so, why do you care?

The sanctimonious posts about the holy sacrament of marriage are really puzzling since half of this countries marriages end in divorce. Furthermore, there are even more marriages that continue despite infidelity, verbal abuse, physical abuse, chemical abuse… the list goes on and on, but all of that is just fine. Why? Because it is none of anyone else’s business. What am I missing here?

Bringing religion into the argument distracts from the real issue… the basic rights of human beings. Can you imagine if your husband or wife was in a serious accident and you weren’t allowed to be with them in the hospital or assist with major medical decisions that will affect how the rest of their life is lived? Or, not being able to be there if they were to die? If you really put yourself in this position, NOT from a religious view but from a human view, for me the choice is obvious.

The next course of logic that baffles me even more is people who think being homosexual is a choice. This is such a preposterous thought. People are worried that homosexuality is going to be “taught” in school. What does that even mean? Worst case scenario is that we would end up with a generation of tolerant people running the country. What a nightmare that would be!

It is not a choice.

In our society right now with bullying and amendments like this, why would someone choose this? This is like saying that people can choose their race or sex. And, honestly, if we could do that the world would be a bunch of straight white guys (we’ve got it pretty damn good).

What’s more, is that there are bars specifically for homosexuals… this is not all that different from having separate drinking fountains (Although, Gay 90’s in Minneapolis is about the best time you can have so maybe this is for the better). But, how sad that there is a need for designated bars so that people can feel comfortable being themselves? And why? Because there are homophobic morons all over the place that think it is gross.

You know what is gross?

Watching an overweight drunk straight couple grinding and making out in the middle of a bar. But, I have no right to tell them that the should do that at an Old Country Buffet and not at a night club in Minneapolis. And why is that? Because it is none of my damn business what other people do with their time or where they do it.

What will the people voting yes do if their son or daughter is homosexual and wants nothing more than to get married and have a wedding with all of the wonderful things that go along with it? “Sorry honey, that happiness is reserved for the straights” (That sentence should sound horrible to you). Could you really look your child in the eye and deny them such a happy day? If you could, more power to you. But, I just cannot imagine how heartbreaking that would be.

Obviously, I will be voting no. I am not asking that you do the same. Rather, I am just asking that you think critically about the decision that you make and understand exactly what you are voting against. Sometimes we fall victim to ads and political propaganda that clouds the real issues. Isn’t it possible that this amendment is being pushed by the conservative right because they know that it is sensitive and the odds are it will get you to the voting booth where you will cast a party line vote? There is nothing wrong with that, if that is how you want to vote. It is none of my business how you vote but, I do think it is important that you have thought it through.

In the long run, does it really make you happy to take happiness away from others because they don’t believe what you believe?



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